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What is Better Messages?

Better Messages - is a WordPress plugin that allows website owners to create realtime private messaging and chat room systems within their WordPress websites.

This plugin can be useful for websites that want to provide a way for users to communicate with each other privately or within designated chat rooms.

The plugin provides real-time messaging capabilities, allowing users to engage in instant and live conversations.

AJAX Version

The free version of the plugin uses AJAX, a common web technology for asynchronous communication, to power the real-time messaging features. It allows you to create a basic messaging system without the need of additional server costs, but it requires more server resources and not support all the WebSocket features.

WebSocket Version

WebSocket is a faster and more efficient communication protocol. WebSocket offering improved real-time communication performance and reduced latency, also significantly reduces a load to hosting servers.

When you are getting WebSocket license for Better Messages, you don't need to get an extra server for it — this WebSocket hosting service is included in the price of WebSocket version license and does not require any extra configuration.

There is also an option for a self-hosted version of Better Messages, which will require a dedicated server to make it running. Self-hosted version if only recommended to be running if you have specific data security requirements (GDPR,HIPPA,etc)

The price of Self-Hosted version is currently $300 per year.