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Conversation Types

Better Messages has few types of conversation which are used depending on needs.

Standard Conversations

The standard type of conversations, it allows users to create private conversations with each other or even create multiple participant conversations.

Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms allow website administrator to create an unlimited number of conversations to embed them to any page, define which user roles can join that chat rooms, allow or disallow guest users to join chat rooms. When you're creating a Chat Room, you get the shortcode, which you can use to embed the chat room anywhere at your WordPress website. Chat room will also appear in user inbox if you enable that in chat room settings.

Group Chats

Group Chats are a special integration implemented with some 3rd party WordPress plugins, which allows to create user groups. Group Chats are automatically syncing members of 3rd party plugin user group and creating chat based on it.

This is currently available for: